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What can a real estate blog do for you?

Good Question. 

I must admit, I am not a creative writer. I envy those who are quick with the typing fingers, who can deliver witty one-liners and whose puns & play on words are just so damn good, I wish I could take credit for them. 

So WHY a blog, you ask?

Well, I believe there just might be some value in sharing some of my own experiences. The next time you need real estate assistance, or advice on growing your own veggies, renovating your backyard or what to look for when buying your first home, you could end up here.

These are all my adventures (along with my insanely supportive partner-in-crime) about what it's like to own your home & work towards becoming a #girlboss entrepreneur in the town I absolutely adore.

Buying a House in 6 steps

Posted on Feb 03, 2021

1.                 Mortgage Pre-Approval.

Many times, a prospective client will reach out to me and say “We saw this listing at 123 Main Street, can we go see it today?”

There is nothing wrong with this request but when I follow up with “Have you been pre-approved?”, almost always the answer is no.

I totally understand wanting to get your feet wet and just see what’s...

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3 Reasons Why You Need a Buyer's Agent

Posted on Jun 21, 2019

1.                   The Listing Agent Represents The Seller.

So, who is representing YOU, the Buyer? Remember that the Listing Agent has entered into a relationship with the Seller via a signed contract. They work for the interest of the Seller and their goal is to get the most money. When you work with a Buyer’s Agent, that person will also outline their responsibi...

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7 Reasons Why Your House Isn't Selling

Posted on Nov 23, 2018

1.                   The stage is not set for the show.

Buyers need to imagine how each room can work as a space for them. Staging is an absolute must! Your house should be decluttered and free of mess so that the most attractive features of the home can shine. And your china doll collection and 23 framed photos of your cat? Get rid of them! 

*Jana’s Tip: Remember tha...

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4 Fall Décor Inspirations for the Home

Posted on Oct 01, 2018

Its October 1st and officially time for turtlenecks, scarves and pumpkin everything!  I’ve been compiling a fall shopping list for my home and thought, why not share it with everyone else? I definitely lean towards décor finds that are low in cost without compromising quality.
To nail down that autumn feeling, I’ve divided my leafy inspiration int...

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8 Questions to Ask before hiring a Buyer's Agent

Posted on Aug 27, 2018

1.                   Have you helped people like me?
Every buyer has different needs – whether it be an investor, a first-time homebuyer or someone looking to downsize. Each situation is unique and it’s important for your real estate agent to know how to handle every type of buyer. 

2.                   Are you familiar with the neighbourhoods I am interested in?
Having a real estate ag...

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5 Reasons Why: Moving to Grimsby was the best decision I made

Posted on Aug 20, 2018

#1.  It really is the Friendliest Place.   I love doing Saturday errands in this town. By the end of the day, I’ve learned the gas attendant’s daughter is going to University, I’ve received gardening tips from the cashier at Cole’s and I’ve bonded with the barista at StationOne Coffee House over the excitement of Saturday night plans.   In fact, I don’t think I’ve encountered a mean soul in this place. The residents of Grimsby, Ontario reach out to you with big smiles on their faces. There must be something in the water here.    #2.  Luxury Lifestyle, Affordable Prices.   Forget the ridiculous housing prices of a bigger, crowded city. The cost of living in the small town of Grimsby means you could afford more for less.  I chose Grimsby because I knew I could get more bang for my buck on housing, entertainment & goods.#3.  Hello, Beauty!  As the gateway to one of the most picturesque regions in Ontario, the Niagara Escarpment offers a stunning landscape for the nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts alike.  Be sure to check out Beamer Conservation Park for views of the whole city or head on down to Nellies Beach Park and toss rocks in the serene waters of Lake Ontario.    #4.  GoRail Coming Soon  As early as 2020, Metrolinx will be providing a direct route for commuters from Toronto to the Casablanca Boulevard exit allowing for easier access from the big city to the Niagara region.   The transportation boost will surely drive up the value of houses in Grimsby, making this small town a smart real estate investment in the future.   #5.  You Can Sip with Us  For me, this list is only complete when the countless wineries & distilleries in the local area get some due credit. I spend every summer biking around the vineyards in Beamsville, Grimsby & Stoney Creek and I still have more to discover.   For now, I can highlight my favorite one to visit - Rosewood Estates Winey, award-winning for their wine-making and meadery. That’s right, you heard it. Rosewood Estates makes their own honey…. which is delicious on its own or even more incredible when its infused in one of their stunning grape varieties!  If you’re a fan of whisky, then you’re in luck. Right off the service road is Forty Creek Whisky, a distillery establishing itself as a leading crafter of world-class spirits, named after the Forty Mile Creek running through the centre of the town.

This list could include so much more. It is not exhaustive by any means. Moving to Grimsby, Ontario means you’ll get the chance to explore the town yourself. It is my home and I am sure proud to live here.

If you’re interested in making the move, contact me today so we can work together on finding the home of your dreams!

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